Renovation/ Construction Cleaning Services

Renovation/ Construction Cleaning Services

Whenever you have a new project on your hands involving renovations, such as remolding a kitchen or bathroom, we are here to help you put everything back to normal after the serious work is done. We have cleaning crews that specialize in tidying up home spaces after big projects like these, as well as bigger and more complex situations such as full blown construction work that can leave huge messes for you to contend with after all the hard work. Lean back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, leaving the cleaning to us.

There are a plethora of advantages that come with hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and help you after you finish a renovation or construction project. You get to enjoy your renovations sooner and don’t need to contend with purchasing extra cleaning supplies like contractor trash bags and other cleaning products, which can end up costing you more than if you just hired a cleaning service to do the job for you. Our service is fully customizable and can be tailored to suit your particular needs, depending on the project you are doing.

Our teams come in and quickly get everything back to normal, enabling you and your family to really enjoy the renovations you just worked so hard at doing. We will get your home spotless after the job, promptly and efficiently removing all traces of dust and contaminants. Our specialists will bring in the necessary equipment and knowledge to tackle the job head on! We know how much work goes into initiating and completing renovation and construction projects, so do yourself a favor and utilize our service to save yourself the tedious effort of cleaning up after your big job.

Cleaning up after a big renovation job can often take even more time than the renovation itself. Tidying up after these jobs is extremely labor intensive and presents complexities that you could not have considered before taking the job on. Lots of debris will be produced, and huge amounts of dust and grime will accumulate from the various activities the job entails. It definitely behooves you to stick with a professional post renovation clean up company like Oshawa Cleaning Services to handle all of this mess.

The first thing we will do is remove all of the larger pieces of debris that the renovation project has produced. This means hauling away big pieces of junk and garbage. After that we comb over the area and remove the smaller debris. Once the debris is removed we begin wiping down surfaces and objects to remove all of the accumulated dust and particulate contamination. Finally, we clean all of the furniture and any items that have also accumulated dust and then mop the floors to complete the post renovation cleanup process in its entirety.

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Industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the floor after it has been sanded.