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Oshawa Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company offering many cleaning services including house cleaning, office cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, renovation/ construction cleaning, commercial cleaning and deep cleaning in the Oshawa area.

Oshawa house cleaning

As a locally owned small business we understand what it means to give back to the community through dedication to our craft and through providing cleaning services that cater to our individual customer’s needs. We want you to feel safe and comfortable allowing our cleaners to take care of you the way we would take care of our own families.

Our profession cleaning company has a wide range of cleaning services for homeowners and businesses in the Oshawa, ON area. Our commitment rests in offering the absolute best cleaning services possible, utilizing our highly professional and experienced house cleaning crews. Our company invests in our employees, believing that a motivated and expert team is the biggest asset we could possibly have when it comes to providing premium cleaning services for our valued clientele. It isn’t considered luxurious anymore to utilize Oshawa Cleaning Services, so please consider giving us a call for all of your Oshawa house cleaning services needs.

House Cleaning Services

It is our pleasure to join you with the best cleaning services in Oshawa. Whatever schedule you may have in your personal or work life, we can make arrangements with you that fit your needs. Our expert cleaners are proficient in speedily and efficiently cleaning private homes in a safe and careful manner. We will be in constant communication with our customers to ensure that the best possible service is attained. Use our professional home cleaning specialists today!

Office Cleaning Oshawa

Having a sanitary and tidy office environment is essential for high work productivity, which is why our company emphasizes the office cleaning services that we provide to our clientele. Our office cleaning teams excel at sanitizing and cleaning complex office environments and are well acquainted with working around delicate servers and computer equipment. Don’t sell your employees short by letting your office get cluttered and dusty- go with Oshawa cleaning services to keep productivity at a maximum.

Move In/ Move Out Cleaning Oshawa

When it comes time to move into a home or take everything out because you are moving into a new place, cleaning is the big final (or first) step in this new direction. It is important for a lot of people that when moving into a new place they have it deep cleaned so it feels sanitary and suitable for living in. When moving out of a place, it is imperative that you receive your security deposit (if there is one) and it is also the nice and proper thing to do when leaving a place for the next person or family.

Renovation / Construction Cleaning Oshawa

Renovations and minor construction projects can produce a lot of waste and airborne dust that clings to every surface in the area. Since cleaning up all of this debris can be a huge extra expenditure of energy and time, why not have a professional cleaning service come and do it for you? You probably have enough on your hands with the renovation project you have chosen to take on; save yourself the hassle and go with our cleaning services to help you make your job easier.

Commercial Cleaning Oshawa

If your commercial facility or business is in need of a professional cleaning service, you need look no further. We are a fully licensed and insured cleaning company, highly capable in sanitizing and cleaning commercial properties. Our mission is to provide top-shelf commercial cleaning services for properties and buildings that need to remain sanitary and free of dirt, maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for customers and employees alike. In today’s era of COVID-19, it is even more important to ensure a safe working environment.

Deep Cleaning Oshawa

Deep Cleaning Services

Once or twice a year our clients request professional deep cleaning to help address those areas that aren’t easy to access with regular or standard cleanings.  When you get a deep clean on your home or business we include the covered or closeted surfaces, as well as higher areas such as door and window frames.  We have the equipment and the know how to add this critical cleaning process to your home or office cleaning regime once or twice a year. When you get a deep cleaning it removing months of built up dust and grime that can be easily overlooked with day to day cleaning.

Cleaning Services Oshawa

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Whatever your cleaning needs may be, whatever the mess you may have, you shouldn’t hesitate to give us a ring and work out a cleaning program that works best for you! We pride ourselves in our stellar customer service, working closely with our clientele to build trusting relationships. Our dedicated customer service associates are always ready to answer your questions and concerns about the cleaning services we provide.

Customer Reviews

I've been having my home cleaned by Oshawa Cleaning Services bi-weekly for quite some time now and I'm never disappointed. I always come back from work to a spotless house after they've been there to clean. Thanks for making my life easier!
I've been using this company to clean my office since I was tired of doing it myself. It's been the best investment! I love coming into a clean smelling office each week.
Thanks for literally making my home sparkle. I'll be calling you again soon, you did such a great job and saved me so much work!

At Oshawa Cleaning Services we service the Oshawa and surrounding area.  We have proudly served this area for the past several years.  If you are looking for any cleaning services including house cleaning, office cleaningmove in/ move out cleaning, renovation/ construction cleaning, deep cleaning or any commercial cleaning, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If your looking for cleaning in Clarington, please visit claringtoncleaningservices.com